About Me

Oh, hello there!

Thanks for clicking on this strange little blog.

My name is Nidia Kimberly, nice too meet you.

I was vey fortunate to be born and raised in Downtown Los Angeles, the city of Angels- so close to Hollywood! Oddly enough,  I never visited the Hollywood area until I was a teenager when I visited the Chinese Grauman Theater. Words cannot express how I felt when I visited, seeing all those hand and foot prints, of people who made a difference.

Visiting Hollywood, gave me a new perspective on Los AngelesI saw another world beyond my neighborhood and was AMAZED!. See, I grew up in the “not-so-glamourous” area of the city- gang activity, poverty, and lost souls all around me.

But this is not a sad story! On the contrary, I grew up with a loving family, a Mom, a Dad,  and two great older brothers. They constantly encourage my love of reading, writing, acting, knitting and all sorts of other fun stuff!

Although, the acting bit took some time to be accepted.

(Get ready for a very original story here, ladies and gents **ahem**).

I had always been a choir type of girl, singing in group, letting my voice be heard, but not so much my face. It wasn’t until high school that a friend randomly told me they were having auditions for a little musical named The Lion King at school.

There is no particular point for this blog, other than to entertain myself, but since you’re here, I hope find something that will amuse you =)


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